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Near Death Experiences

So many people hear about near death experiences but only few are brave enough to share their experience as it becomes a controversial topic. You get judged by non-believers, called mean names and ridiculed. There are also a lot of people out there who have had NDE and have "chalked" them up to dreams, hallucinations or any other excuse or coincidence that they can think of. For myself I did not grow up in a very spiritually nurturing / open minded family. Now, my family believed in Religion - very different from spirituality and spiritual authenticity, another topic for another day; which left me to keep my experiences with spirits, energies, Angels, entities, deceased loved ones or whatever else one may want to call them to myself for MANY MANY years.

My first NDE happened when I was about six or seven years old. My family and I were staying at the waterslides while my father attended a weekend broomball tournemnt. This paticular hotel was known for its waterslides at that time. I was not able to touch the bottom of the pool with my head above the water but was a fairly strong swimmer. The pool and waterslides were very busy that paticular evening and the current created from the force of all the rushing water off the waterslide into such a small 'landing' pool was harsh. I was unable to make it to the side of the pool and I kept getting sucked under the water and remember becoming extremeley tired, my thoughts turned to "I'm so tired. I can't keep kicking. OMG I'm going to die." I remember distinctly stopping kicking taking the last little bit of air in that I could suck in between waves and started sinking to the bottom. Things went black and all of a sudden this HUGE beaming bright white light appeared and a large loud voice boomed "KICK YOUR FEET!", I remember replying telepathically "I can't. I'm so tired." The voice boomed again "KENDRA KICK YOUR FEET!" and all of a sudden this huge burst of energy came over me and I kicked my feet and then somebody pulled me up out of the water. As I looked up I saw a man that I had not recognized or seen around the pool all weekend and then I just laid back down on the concrete and coughed and choked and thanked the Universe for being alive. Later when asked about what happened I tried to point out the man who saved me but I never saw him again. I never really told anybody about this experience until recent years - 25 years after the fact.

My second NDE experience happened when I underwent some extensive surgery when I was 14 that left me with the knowledge that I would unlikely beable to conceive children of my own one day. During this experience the whole surgery experience was a nightmare except for the NDE. My mom was an emotional basket case, my dad was uncomfortable due to the nature of the surgery, nobody could get an IV started on me for the life of them - it took 2 hours to get an IV started and I stopped counting the number of people who attempted the insertion after the 8th person called down from another ward came and tried to insert the damn thing and failed. Once the IV was in, the anesthesiologist couldnt get me to "pass out" - my version of sedated; then when I woke up, apparently I had an allergic reaction the anesthetic which caused HUGE complications and my mother to become even more of an emotional mess.

During my NDE, I remember it so vividly, I was floating and I entered this LLLLLOOONNNNGGG very bright white hallway which appeared to have windows with the most beautiful pink light glowing through them, it felt so safe and peaceful, I just kept floating down the hallway and it never seemed to end but I had already decided I loved it there. After a few minutes of floating a bright light started glowing at the end of the hallway and a female voice recited "Kendra, you must turn around and go back." I remember replying "But I don't want to. It's so beautiful here." The voice continued, "You must go back. It is not your time here.' I remember saying "But it's so peaceful here and I feel so safe. Out there I don't belong and people are mean." Again, the voice replied, "You must go back. You have tasks to complete. You are here to teach others." At that point I had stopped my forward movement down the hallway and all of a sudden I woke up in the recovery room and was crying, sobbing and yelling "I died! I died! My mom is not going to handle this well." A nurse came over and calmed me and I remember saying to her "You're not the Angel." She laughed, and said no "I'm not, I'm Cheryl and I am your nurse."

So why am I writing about this? Because the past three years have lead me on a very intense introspective spiritual journey. I've come to realize my purpose here and that those experiences happened to me for a reason. They were gifts to me from the Universe- although many may view them as traumatic events and 'aweful things' that happened to me. For me, they reflect the beauty of life, the fact that we can communicate with higher energies and that we need to live by the law of gratitude and that destiny does exist.

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