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The Joy of Awareness

After spending many years of hating, rejecting, ignoring and challenging my awareness I came across a wonderful person named Andrea who has helped me to start shifting my perspective on awareness. It's been a long tough challenging journey of acceptance and I hope maybe I can inspire someone else on their journey with this post. Andrea had recently challenged me to do a video blog on the Joy of Awareness and since I'm not quite brave enough to choose to broadcast myself on video yet, I've created a list of how awareness can add joy to one's life:

10. Helps one to identify or avoid challenges in life prior to coming into contact with them.

09. Helps one to add / choose people, places and things that only add joy to their life as opposed to drama and conflict.

08. Allows identification of other's personalities, traits, strengths, weaknesses and challenges prior to lengthy conversation allowing one to offer compassion, kindness and support in a way that allows the person facing challenges to feel free of judgement and maintain dignity.

07. Allows one to connect with ALL things in the Universe on an energetic level in a way that can add more joy to one's life.

06. Allows to effortlessly add prosperity and abundance to their life.

05. Allows one to add immense amounts of FUN to their life in ways that others can't

04. Allows one to help others to foster thier own awarenss so that they too may increase the amount of joy in their own lives which only adds to increasing amount of joy on the planet.

03. Allows one to identify,see, believe and perceive possibilities for themself and others in ways that add to the joy in our lives.

02. Awareness is the gift that keeps on giving if one allows it to.

01. The number one joy of awareness is that it should allow one to feel at peace, to set a person free from the internal / external conflict humans are normally challenged with, allowing person to go with the ebb and flow of life. Ride the wave of awareness and change your life forever!!

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