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How Can An Intuitive Reading Benefit You?

People have the misconception about intuitives that we "tell fortunes". The truth is that we see, hear, feel and interpret energies. With this being said, we take a look at the CURRENT energy of of person, place, thing or situation to help you achieve the best possible outcome regarding it. We take a look at the current energy of your life path and try to provide information on how you can proceed forward in a manner that will fulfill you in the way you are hoping for.

People must understand that when dealing with other individuals in a reading we are looking at the current energy of that individual. A person has "free will". So, if the current energy is supporting the outcome you hoped for, it's your job to keep supporting that energy; as for the other individual, you have no control over the choices they may or may not make in the future that may affect the energy differebtly than presented at the time of the reading.

A responsible reader will tell you that the possibility is STRONG. They should not tell you that something is ever "for sure" as either you or the other party may react out of fear,doubt or any other negative energy that could cause delays or sabotage to a positive outcome.

I often post daily free one card readings on my Facebook Business Page. These are very general readings as they are only one card of information. People often ask, "how do I know if that reading is for me?" The answer is, your guides may speak to you, through me. Maybe it will be a simple word or phrase or possibly the whole message in the reading will resonate with you so deeply that you "JUST KNOW" the Universe was talking to you.

For example, earlier this summer, on June 1, 2016 I posted the following daily card (You will find the written message below, but to view the image of the card find the complete post at the following link):

Energy of the Day

June 1, 2016

Today's energy is all about balance, patience, grace and creativity. Spirit tells me that the Swan is all about beauty and living life to the fullest. The showing of this bird is about taking chances and directions that are led by intuition NOT LOGIC.

I'm being guided to share that for anyone who was looking at taking a creative chance at moving forward in a relationship, new home,  new job venture, hobby or any type of experience - that now is the time. The Swan guides us to remain balance but to take "swooping" chances.

I keep being pulled to the the infinity sign around the neck of the Swan.  How this image is represented to me is that most of our toxic emotions are healed, there is a tiny bit of the infinity sign dipping into the water showing there is a little more healing that needs to go on. But I'm being told it's important to keep moving forward in order to progress the healing. Right now, staying where you are and NOT taking chances is not helping to heal you, it's holding you back and aiding you on missing out on experiences that will bring forward so much healing and allowing you to find a MUCH GREATER joy.

The words "BE CREATIVE" keep being brought to me. Really be creative in how you move things forward. TAKE CHANCES, now is the time to take a chance as Swan is guiding and showing you the way. You are quite protected and in a very high energy time of creation.

Today's the day to plan your next move!!What will you be creative with?


Shortly after I posted this reading, I received the following message in my inbox:

"Hi Kendra,

I have just come across your Swan energy post. I didn't want to post on the thread as I am quite private but wanted to thank you, this post means a lot to me! I am currently pursuing a new career as a tattoo artist and have suffered with severe anxiety and lack of faith in myself, so I shall now take this as a sign to keep moving forward. The swan is important to me, my maiden name is Swann and I go by that surname for my artwork, using a swan as my logo. The infinity sign is always a popular tattoo request at the moment. Also, the word alchemy, I did a brief tattoo apprenticeship a couple of years ago at Alchemy Tattoo Studio. I thought you would like this information, thank you!Thank you so much for those amazing words Kendra, they mean so much. Please do share my feedback, the way that the swan caught my eye today and then your interpretation of this was spot on for me. I have been planning a large swan tattoo for myself and this has just given it even more meaning now and I will also most definitely be on the lookout for a pendant, I have actually looked briefly a few months ago for swan figurines. I can take the toxic emotions too, I have gone through a lot of personal healing and although I would say that I am mostly 'better', this is never truly the case and am aware of this daily. I could go on, but wanted to just verify for you that synchronicity is in action here! My mum is Clairvoyant, I have been brought up around spiritualism but for me, things have more meaning when coming from elsewhere as I often take it for granted from my mum if that makes sense. She already knows everything about me doesn't she! I also rarely comment on posts of this nature as I almost feel unworthy, as if people are more deserving of these words than I due to my mums abilities, but made an exception in this case as I so wanted to give you some feedback on this. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart xoxo"

                Anonymous, United Kingdom

This individual obviously  had asked the Universe for guidance and she was led to my post which confirmed and gave her confidence in her path.

This is how a reading can work for you. This is called a "synchronocity" or a sign. I became a messenger from the Universe to shine light on this person's path and journey. Sometimes we all need a little confidence boost, reassurance or even directional guidance to keep our hope alive.

This world is tough and our Spirit's can so easily be broken. Honest and competent people in my line of abilities can help you to restore your vision, change your life and re-instill faith and hope when you feel all is lost. We are portable lights that are able guide you through the darkness to attain joy. We can help you to see the positive sides of any situation and help you to attain true joy in your heart.

Know that there are people out there who may not know you, but certainly care about you and your happiness and can tap into the Universal energies in order to help you on your way; all that's required of you is to be open to receiving the information being provided.

Blessings to each and everyone of you today and everyday forward. 

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