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Ego Vs Spirit – Is it a Competition?

There are many spiritual teachers out there that will teach that we need to learn to live from a place of Spirit, however, in my Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring practice I do not teach this as it is not how my Guides/Spirit Team portray the Soul’s journey to me.

The Ego and the Spirit are not in competition. I repeat, the Ego and the Spirit are NOT in competition. The Ego and Spirit are supposed to be in a relationship, they are supposed to be collaborating and creating harmonious relationship. Both the Spirit and the Ego are sharing our human bodies to fulfill their purpose, the thing that is not taught is that when the Spirit and the Ego are in harmony they are far more powerful than when they are working alone.

Together, both entities need to find balance. Like black and white, yin and yang, good and bad, light and dark, up and down, left and right, north and south or east and west, one without the other creates a lack of appreciation and causes imbalance. If we live too much from Ego we will display distorted masculine and distorted feminine energies in very destructive ways, when we live too much from a place of connection to Spirit we appear spacey, like we are living in a fantasy land and will probably be labelled by today’s society with some type of mental health illness.

Ego is connected to the lower chakras – root/base chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra. These chakras are connected masculine driven energy. Spirit is connected to upper chakras, throat chakra, third eye chakra and crown chakra. These chakras are connected to feminine driven energy. The heart center/chakra (direct connetion to your Soul) is the connection between the Ego and the Spirit or the lower and upper chakras. This would be why, the saying of “live from your heart” or “choose from your heart” is often heard, it is because when we are in a heart centered place it means we are balanced.

Your heart center/chakra is connected to the core being of who you are (Soul) and your personal truth. Lower chakras are very much connected to more logical, tangible and hard characteristics such as stability, logic, confidence, passion, body image, sexuality and materialism. Upper chakras are very much connected to softer less logical characteristics such as emotion, communication, intuition and feeling.

Your Spirit needs your Ego to provide the foundation for its unexplained knowing and wisdom to be grounded on. Your Ego needs the communication and clarity that the Spirit provides in order to construct and portray the passion of the life your heart centre/chakra (Soul) is trying to build or create during your experience here. That is why we need all chakras open and flowing so that they all connect in order to maintain a good balance allowing you to feel happy in your life.

So, Spirit and Ego are not in competition. Both can be helpful and both can be harmful if we engage or indulge with more of one than the other. We need both to live a truly fulfilled life. As a human it is our job to find the right balance of both to feel successful during our human experience here on earth.

**The information in these blog articles are solely the opinion/understanding of the writer as provided to the writer via her Spirit Team. The information may or may not resonate with you and it is solely the responsibility of the reader to make decisions based on their own personal truths.

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