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Energy Centers - Chakras

Many people who are newly embarking on their own personal spiritual journey have hit a point in their life where they are seeking answers or "truths".Learning about chakras will allow anyone to start to gain wisdom and knowledge regarding their own energy and help them to start to understand and identify when one's own energy is imbalanced. In my healing practice I do not use the chakras as it is not something my own Guides have guided me to use for my own spiritual and energy healing journey. However, I have consulted my Guides about the chakras and it is one of the concepts I often refer people to research in order to help them understand energy and its importance in our daily lives in a quick way with a lot of ease. Learning about this concept will also aid in exploring and learning techniques to consistently and/or confidently, connect with one’s own Spirit Guides in order to recognize their own authentic truth about their energy and connection to Source/Universe/God/ etc.

The chakras are energy centers located in the body that allow us to connect to the Universe or to our authentic/higher selves. These energy centers need to be kept balanced and open in a consistent and equal way in order to allow energy to flow through our being to allow for the best possible experiences in our lifetime here in the earthly (3D) realm.

It is believed by many that are 7 major chakras or energy centers in our human body. I have listed the chakras below from Base (Earth) to Crown (Spirit/Universe) along with which areas in our life that energy center rules:

1. Root Chakra – base of spine (tail bone area)

Associated with the color RED, stability, finances and grounding

2. Sacral Chakra – base of spine at level of the Sacrum and Sacroiliac Joints

Associated with the color ORANGE, body image, sexuality, creativity, passion

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – level of the naval/belly button

Associated with the color YELLOW, confidence, wisdom, power, control

4. Heart Chakra – level of the heart

Associated with the color GREEN, unconditional LOVE, giving and receiving, healing, forgiveness

5. Throat Chakra – level of the thyroid

Associated with the color BLUE, self-expression, communication

6. Third Eye Chakra – level of forehead, between eyebrows about 2 fingers above

Associated with the color INDIGO, foresight, intuition, wisdom, motivation

7. Crown Chakra – the very top of one’s head

Associated with the color WHITE or SILVER, presence, awareness, consciousness, communication with other dimensions

When we have a base to build off of when we embark on a learning journey with regards to our spirituality, our potential to create and manifest becomes open and unlimited.

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