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About Us

Welcome to my corner of the universe—I'm Kendra, your guide to a deeper connection with the spiritual realm and a pathway to personal enlightenment. With a unique blend of innate abilities and refined skills, I offer an authentic experience designed to elevate your journey through life. As the visionary behind Surprise Your Spirit, my life's work intertwines intuitive reading, energy healing, and educational insight to empower individuals in navigating their life's path with clarity and purpose.

From a tender age, I discovered my extraordinary gifts; I am a natural-born medium, endowed with the rare ability to be a double empath, alongside being clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. A double empath not only tunes into people's thoughts, feelings, and emotions but also connects deeply with the physical sensation’s others experience. My clairvoyance unveils vivid images within my mind's eye, symbols of guidance waiting to be deciphered. Clairaudience allows me to hear the whispers of Spirit, delivering messages through words and sentences from Angels or Guides. Clairsentience blesses me with an innate knowing, a gut feeling that guides my intuition.

My journey has been adorned with diverse roles – a dedicated wife, loving mother, chaos coordinator, and a lifelong learner with a rich background in medical diagnostics and adult education. My passion for understanding human behavior and its ties to our souls fuels my mission to assist others in harmonizing with the Universe's vibrations. Whether it's through Full Life Path Readings, Private Access Bars™ sessions, or Reiki healing, my approach is holistic and tailored to meet the unique needs of each soul I have the privilege to work with.

I believe in the power of awareness—awareness of the myriad options, choices, and possibilities that life presents. Through my guidance, you're invited to explore these avenues, understanding that while destiny offers a path, our free will determines the journey's pace and direction. Remember, a reading is not a prediction set in stone but a lantern illuminating your possibilities. Together, we can identify life patterns and blockages, empowering you to live a life brimming with joy and fulfillment.

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Let me, Kendra, be your ally in unraveling the mysteries of your spirit and the universe around you. Embrace the adventure with Surprise Your Spirit, where every session is a step towards self-discovery and transformation. Join me on this voyage of success, sprinkling ease and joy into your journey through life.

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