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Charm Readings

These readings use charms to share insight and information. Charms will be pulled and the energy associated with the messages meant for you are shared with you. This acts as a tool just like the tarot, crystals, pendulum or any other intuitive reading tools.

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EMAIL - Includes a written description of each charm and a picture of the charms as they are laid out from the pull.

ZOOM - Live reading with me via ZOOM (no recording provided).

RECORDED VIDEO - Your reading is done without you being present and the recording is provided to you via email enabling you to view as many times as you please.

Mini Charm Reading 8-12 Charms - BEST SELLING

Email - $45.00

Zoom - $30.00

Recorded - $40.00

Full Charm Reading appx30 - 40 charms

Email - $45.00

Zoom - $50.00


Recorded - $60.00

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