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Who am I

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I am a natural born medium who is a double empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. What exactly is a double empath? This means that I connect directly to people's thoughts, feelings and emotions as well as to the physical sensations that other people feel throughout their body. Clairvoyance means that I receive images in my third eye / mind's eye that I interpret into messages. Clairaudience means that I directley hear messages in word or sentence form from Spirit through Angels or Guides. Clairsentience means that I just know the answer, that I have a "gut" feeling. I have been gifted with "sight" as far back as I can remember. I have used my guidance from Spirit over the past 30 years to help me flow effortlessly through life helping me to face and overcome many challenges because of the phenomenal heads up and guidance Spirit shared with me about each situation. I directly connect to the Spirit realm to bring you messages to allow you to become more aware of options, choices and possibilities in your life. As a teenager I became aware of how different I was of others as I could seem to feel and hear others thoughts. I also had a tendency to know answers about subjects in school that I had never heard of before but not really knowing how I knew answers just knowing I knew them. I often explained to people that I had a "photographic" memory as I had no other way to explain how I knew things that I shouldn't know anything about. I also realized that I really disliked numbers and seemed to become easily frustrated when it came to subjects with numbers,card games or any filing tasks involving numbers; it wasn't until recent years that I became aware that Spirit was giving me messages through number sequences.


Readings and What To Expect

I do not need tools but use the Tarot and Oracle cards to double check/cross check the messages I receive from Spirit or to gain more insight or more information on a paticular situation that I receive messages about. I am a very straightforward reader and tell you the messages EXACTLY as I receive them. I DO NOT sugar coat the messages I receive but do add compassion in my delivery.

One must remember that a reading is to make you aware of your options and choices. You have to co-create with the Universe to allow those options and choices to form into your living reality. Often clients say "what you seen didn't come true", but most clients don't realize that a lot of the time along the way the client will make a choice that affects the timing or the coming together of that option/possibility. It does not necessarily mean the choice or option is off the table but it just means that you are taking a longer "route" to get there. I can help you to push past your fears and fly through challenges to reach your desired outcome safely and in a timely manner but you must remember your actions and choices known as free will affect the timing. One must also remember that other peoples choices/actions or "free will" also affect the outcome and you can not control that.


A reading can also help you to identify blocks and patterns in your life that you need to address in order to live a life that is rewarding and full of joy.

Let me guide you to a journey of success.

How To Book Your Service

Services are provided via telephone, Live Video, e-mail or recorded video depending on what service you are purchasing.

You can fill out the form below to enquire about purchasing a reading or e-mail me directly at

Currently, I am booking about 2-5 weeks in advance depending on the service you are seeking.


For specials and promotions, check out the Surprise Your Spirit Facebook page!

See the services tab here on the website for current services being offered.

**** All appointments are scheduled according to Saskatchewan Time. The client is responsible for any long distance costs.

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