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The Energy of Anger and Disappointment

I've been guided to share my insights on the energy of ANGER. When I read for people and I feel or identify the energy of anger, I immediately ask my guides "what disappointment occurred?" in the client's life that the energy was fed and the client chose to allow that "energy" to "snowball", for a lack of a better term, into ANGER?

You see, in a lot of my readings and in gereral I've noticed lately that people are angry, but ultimately they are disappointed. Almost 99% of the time the client is disappointed with themselves but they will blame someone else for their disappointment and that's when it turns to anger. Usually, a client has trusted someone against their gut feeling or "knowing", or they've kept a friend longer than they should've because they were trying to "help" them, only to find out they were getting used and undervalued or maybe they've stayed too long in a job where they were miserable for too long and got fired instead of taking the initiative to make a job change sooner due to fear. Whatever the reason, I help the client to identify the root of the anger and to forgive themselves and show them a second chance, it is showing them that there was/is something BETTER for them and that they were/are denying themselves from getting it and now the Universe had/has to show them "it was time" to make a change.

When you forgive yourslef from disappointment as well as anger, it frees up so much energetic space in your Being that it allows fresh energy to flow in and open doors of opportunity that were being held shut by the negative energy. Learning to clear your energy daily is important to maintaining aboundance, joy and happiness.

If you are struggling with something and need some help sorting through it please find someone who you can trust to offer you a new, fresh and clean perspective. Try to look at the situation froma different angle and be compassionate with yourself and others, we are all here to learn and grow. Myself and my guides are always here to help as well; with energy clearing, guidance or coaching if you have nobody else.

Blessings to each and everyone of you today and everyday.

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