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The Attitude of Gratitude

In my recent experiences of engaging in intuitive readings and coaching sessions for people I have become extremely aware of how gratitude is misused, misinterpreted and generally misconstrued. The definition of gratitude according to Oxford Dictionaries is as follows:

"the qualityof being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness:"

I researched many definitions and this was my favorite as most just described gratitiude as an act of being thankful. The importance of being grateful also involves returning kindness in ways that you have been shown. Gratitude is an inside job that manifests on the outside. The more you love on the inside the more you are given on the outside to love.

Here's how I've noticed gratitude as being perceived by the majority. I see a lot of people out there grateful for all the 'MATERIAL' things they have - the home they live in, the vehicle they drive or the job they have, which is wonderful. The problem is that most people aren't stopping and being grateful for all the things in this life that have allowed them to acquire those material gains. I see people taking for granted their beautiful bodies which allow their Spirit or Energetic Being to have a vehicle here in this lifetime to enjoy their journey here and experience it to the fullest; I mostly experience people hating and disliking their bodies as society has twisted the image of a "useful" or "worthy" body.

I often instruct clients to create gratitude journals when going through a hard time. It helps to switch one's perspective from focusing on the hurt, pain and disappointment of NOT having, to one of appreciation for the gifts that they have everyday and are overseeing and not acknowledging. I tell clients there is no "wrong" thing to be grateful for either. It's even okay to be grateful for hard times as they teach you lessons and show you things that you may not have otherwise learned. When you start to recognize all the wonders that you DO have it allows doors to open for you to recieve MORE positive or fullfilling experiences in your life in ways that you have never imagined. If you are continually ignoring or refusing to acknowledge the wonderful things the Univers has already gifted you then the Universe IS NOT going to feel like you deserve more. If you continue to focus on lack, sorrow, loss and not having what you want, then guess what, you're delivering a message to the Univers that you'll have more of those unfulfilling experiences.

Gratitude is about perspective. Even during the most horrible of times there are things to be thankful for, seek them out, CHOOSE to acknowledge them. Often when I am struggling I really try to get clear with gratitude. Below is a list of things that I often acknoweldge and am grateful for when I'm really struggling:

1. My little boys smile - it's HUGE and lights up a room

2. My little boys offer of HUGS and when he tells me I'm the bestest mommy ever

3. My healthy body

4. The right to choose what I want to do with my life

5. The ability to communicate with others without some of the barriers others face such as language, speech, hearing disabilities, etc.....

6. Relationships in my life that are always consistent and supportive regardless the situation

7. Music or a good book

8. Memories that bring about nastalgia

9. Laughter

10. My connection with my Spirit team

11. Sunshine

12. Nature

13. Planet earth in general because I wouldn't be here without it

14. My five senses, hearing, speaking, tasting, and smelling - not everyone is granted these and so I am blessed.

15. The ability to call home and know people love me regardless of difference in opinions.

It's so important to give thanks and be grateful for regular things we take for granted. Even experiences are important and necessary to be grateful for as they allow you to grow as a person. Mostly, I just ask each and everyone of you to get clear with yourself on how you perceive gratitude and whether your attitude about gratitude is actually helping you on your journey or hindering the amount of JOY you experience during your journey.

So now, I ask, "What is your attitude about gratitude?"

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