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The Concept of "Being Ready"

It's recently come to my attention that there's this concept that society has instilled in us humans - starting at birth, that holds us back time and time again from the things in reality that would add the most joy to our lives.

Let me explain.

I've recently had some conversations with clients and loved ones and co-workers about "creating change" in their lives. Continuosly over and over a lot of people keep telling me "I'm not ready". So I always ask, "What exactly does 'not ready' mean?" And WOW, I get slammed and flooded with excuses, some the best I've ever heard. I tell people, don't lie to yourself by telling yourself you're not ready,  just be honest with yourself and admit that you're choosing not to. Usually people get a little miffed with me but that's whatever. My purpose here on earth is to open people's eyes up to the "MORE TO LIFE" concept part of life that everyone yearns for and seeks, but seem to always succomb into this dark hole of convincing themself it's almost impossible to attain the concept of "more to life" or they simply lie to themselves and believe the concept itself does not actually exist.

So here's the thing, what if the concept "more to life" actually DOES indeed exist? What if the lie of "I'm not ready" is just an excuse or a lie that you buy into to allow yourself to live in the misery of the reality you currently exist in? What if "I'm not ready" is actually just a way to cop out from admitting "I'm choosing not to because I'm afraid"? Then what? How many other lies are you telling yourself to make living in your unfulfulling life work for you? What if your true joy is just on the other side of that fear? Then what? If you were guaranteed 100% that your true joy was there, on the other side of that fear, would you jump at the chance or the opportunity? So here's the thing, what if not having that 100% guarantee is the way the Universe allows itself to have room to surprise you and add excitement to your journey; if you knew that there'd never be any exciting joyous surprises from choosing something you'd like because you knew the exact outcome would it even be exciting or joyous to you? The answer is NO!!

There is no such thing as "being ready". Taking chances, living in the moment, choosing to become comfortable with being uncomfortable is what brings you those opportunites that create lasting memories. Living just on the other side of your comfort zone is what brings you excitement and surprises. Now,  please know that I'm not saying every choice outside your comfort zone will yield harmonious joyous results, of course some choices create surprises that are less than harmonious but that's how it works in life, if you want to get the good you have to be willing to acknowledge there's some not so good. Taking the good with the bad is crucial. If you stay inside your comfort zone then nothing changes for you. It's always the same and there's no excitement or adventure - BORING.

I recently had a conversation with someone who told me that I appeared fearless; that I always just seemed to move here and move there and take a job here and pick up an extra shift there and that they enveyed that. This person asked me how come I wasn't afraid of life. I asked this person what exactly was there to be afraid of? I also asked them if they were afraid of life - to which they replied they were. I explained that we weren't meant to have a boring journey when we were put here and we also weren't expected to be perfect. That allowing yourself to try new things and experience new adventures is what helps you grow as a person but also helps your soul's growth and helps to instill wisdom in a person. I explained that the acronym for fear is F-false E-evidence A-appearing R-real; fear is when we allow our brains to make up all these ridiculous scenarios that are never going to happen and we CHOOSE to live in those make belief scenarios instead of trusting our intuition.

I'd really like to encourage everyone to look at their lives, what is it you have convinced yourself you're "not ready" for? Is it a relationship? What excuses do you use to stop yourself from pursuing a relationship that brings you joy? Are your excuses about not being financially set? Any partner who's right for you won't worry about "being financially set" because they will know that you will build your empire together slowly at a pace that's comfortable for both parties. It's called compromise. So what other excuses are you using to convince yourself you're not ready to pursue and exciting relationship? Are you possibly using the excuse of "I can't get hurt again"? Nobody can hurt you unless you CHOSE to let them. You can't control others actions but you can control your reactions to others actions. Others choices aren't a reflection of you they are a reflection of themself and you have to learn you are only responsible for your own joy and nobody can take that from you unless you allow it. So stop lying to yourself and pursue that crazily exciting relationship and enjoy the ride!

Now what about job or career? What excuses are you using to back up your "I'm not ready" facade? Let's see, do these sound right? I'm not educated enough, I don't have enough experience, I can't do that because it makes less money......blah blah blah. The big thing to understand is that MONEY FOLLOWS JOY. As soon as you start working a job you love money will flow effortlessly to you.

I often ask people "ok you're not ready, so tell me how long you haven't been ready but have wanted to create this change?" Normally the answer is quite an astounding length of time. Then I ask "can you tell me how you will know that you are ready?" And most people can't answer this or they give unjustifiable answers.

Here's the thing people, we are NEVER ready. Life is a create your own adventure book. Everyday you get to choose. Everyday you get to correct poor choices from the past and reap rewards for your good choices. Every day is also a chance to correct poor choices and improve your adventure. Don't worry about choosing wrongly, but DO worry about NOT choosing at all. Choosing to live your life like you're "ready" 24/7 is how you keep the energy in your life flowing an renewing and fresh.

I'd be glad to discuss this concept further with anyone who'd like to do so. Please find me on Facebook on my business page 'Surprise Your Spirit' and post to my wall and we shall discuss.

Alright my sweet friends, now, just HOW READY ARE YOU????

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